The Lash Masterclass: Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lash Training all in one.

Are you interested in becoming a certified eyelash technician but have no prior experience? The Lash Master Class is perfect for you!

In this course, you'll learn how to apply single eyelash extensions individually, as well as hybrid & volume lashes. You'll be taught by experienced 7x certified lash extension specialist Tenille Bain who is an expert in the field. By the end of the course, you'll walk away feeling confident and equipped with all the knowledge you need to start your own business. Plus, there are no prerequisites needed to take this course!

So what are you waiting for? Register now and take your lash game to the next level!

Course Details

Duration: 2 Day Of Training (7 hours each day)

Lunch (Included) + 1 Hour Lunch Time Break

Curriculum Includes

During this Lash Masterclass, you will learn about the different types of lashes, how to apply them correctly, and troubleshooting tips for common lash problems. You will also have the opportunity to practice your lashing skills on a live model. After completing this course, you will be well-prepared to offer your clients beautiful, long-lasting lash results.

Here's what you can expect to learn during our Lash Masterclass training course

Classic Theory 101

- Eyelash Theory
- Understanding The Natural Lash Life Cycle
- Instrument Knowledge
- Perfect Bonding Technique
- Design The Perfect Look
- Lash Curl/Thickness/Length
- Creating Different Looks
- Customer Care/Client Consultation
- Patch test/Sensitivities or Allergies
- Frequently Asked Questions
- Permanent Lash Extensions VS False Eyelashes
- After Care/Damage Prevention
- After Care Product Review
- Client Initial Consultation Form (example)
- Self Care While Working
- Safety & Sanitation - how to operate within public health standards

Volume Theory 101

- Introduction to volume
- The difference between volume & classic lashes
- Appropriate weights for volume fans VS weights of classic lashes
- Learning how to make fans with multiple techniques
- Practise making volume fans
- Proper technique to pre-make volume fans
- Hybrid lashes
- Types of volume lashes
- Eyelash Extension Misconceptions
- Removal Process/Clients To Avoid
- Questionnaire
- Practice on Mannequin Head
- Marketing, branding, social media, paid promotional posts & how to build clientele

Marketing 101

- How to Book and Keep Loyal Clients
- Creating Your Online Presence On All The Major Apps
- Understanding Social Media - Hashtags, Contests, Brand Ambassadors,
Creating Successful Rewards Systems
- Keeping Up With the Latest Cosmetic Trends
- Business Card and Website Design Tips and Tricks

In addition to the course material, The Master Lash Class includes 2 starter kits.

Classic Starter Kit includes

- 1 lash kit
- 2 straight tweezers
- 20 microsticks brushes
- 20 mascara brushes
- 20 pairs of eye patches
- 5 glue stickers
- 3 lash trays
- 1 roll of micro pore tape
- 1 roll of Nexcare sensitive skin tape
- 1 bottle of medical grade glue adhesive
- 1 bottle of professional remover
- 1 mirror
- Training Manual

Volume Starter Kit includes

- 2 volume lash trays
- 1 volume tweezer & 1 straight tweezer
- 10 gel pads
- 10 mascara wands
- 1 lash tile


PRIVATE: $1500 cad , DUO: $1400 cad , VIP: $1700 cad

(All courses include starter kits)

**Important** A $400 deposit is required to secure training for the booked date. This charge will be subtracted from your total training fee. Deposits are non-refundable and must be paid two weeks before the scheduled training day.

Please note that without practice on a model, the Master Course cannot be completed. As a result, all students must bring their own model to the training session. If you can't bring your own model, please notify us at least 1 week before the training so that we may provide you with one for $50.

Do you want to save $100? If you and a friend enroll for the same course, you'll both save $100 each when it’s a duo or group training.